Coreyology is the success philosophy and expressions of the lifestyle of the guy Corey

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Besides being valued at US$1997 (by the related internet benchmark) the keyword or suffix ‘ology’ almost always defines a subject or body of knowledge as:
~ a study
~ a system
~ an art
~ a philosophy
~ or even a science

Methodology – study and analysis of methods
Psychology – the science of behavior and mind
Mythology – study or collection of myths
Cosmetology – the science or study of cosmetics

For our purpose and definition, ‘coreyology’ can arguably be a private creation of word or term to define the success philosophy and expressions of the lifestyle of the guy Corey

If your name or brand is Corey, and …

  • You have come a long way through life
  • You have come to be experienced enough to recognize that …
  • There had been a philosophy or lifestyle you followed – well, actually created – along the way (no doubt about that)

and we submit that besides writing a book, a website can also be an ideal channel to record, express, share – or even promote – the study, the philosophy or proven techniques of your success, achievements, and resulting lifestyle – call it :   Coreyology

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